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Whether it's in preparation to sell your home, or just because you're curious, it's great information to know what is selling in your area.

Yes, you can get online and use the 3rd party websites to try to figure it out.  Or, you can let us set up a search specifically for you - at no obligation and with no pressure - that will email you directly from the MLS when a home comes on the market or sells in your current area.

You set the frequency, and the emails will come to you.  It's super easy, and it is personally customized to you.  Of course our hope is that if and when you decide to make a move, that you will think of us and get in touch.  That's it!  Nothing else to it.  No pressure, no obligation.  We're happy to be your connection to the information you seek.

If you're interested in getting this information straight to your email box, fill out the form.  Your information is safe with us and you can unsubscribe anytime.

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