Sell Your Home

Choosing an agent to list and sell your home can be confusing and overwhelming.  "What can this agent do for me that the other can't?"

The reality is, most Realtors® do the same thing.  They list your home on the MLS, put up a sign, market your home, negotiate your contract, and see the transaction through to closing.  So how do you choose?

Real estate transaction can be tricky.  When problems arise or there are things to be negotiated, the true ability of your agent really shines (or fails to).  A good agent should always advocate for you and your best interests, and provide good communication and customer service.  With over 3,000 (yes three THOUSAND) homes sold, Angela Larson can efficiently and capably handle your sale.  Trusted by most major lenders in the country to negotiate on their behalf, Angela is an excellent negotiator and problem solver when the going gets rough. 

Any agent can put a sign in your yard.  But will they help you leave the closing table with the biggest check possible, with the least amount of stress and hassle on your part?  Angela will.